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About Technoogies

About Technoogies

Combined word from the words “technologies” and “noogies”.
Technology + Noogies = Technoogies.

Hewlett packard 200xl
Hewlett Packard 200XL

Not really! It sounds good though. What really happened is, I opened an account with Tech Data and the person that entered my company details typo-ed the word technologies, leaving out the “L”.

My first business adventure was “Palmtop Technologies” based on this fantastic idea that handheld computers would be all the rage. This grandiose idea started in 1991 about 12 years before handhelds really caught fire. This business model never even made it through the starting gate. By the time handhelds became popular I was already troubleshooting networks and servers because there was a demand for that and none for handhelds.

I remember meeting with business leaders, showing them all of the amazing capabilities that the handhelds possesed, like having a customer database with you at all times, and the dumbstruck look on their faces. Sorta-like, “Kid, we don’t get it. We have everything we need.”

Another one of those experiences was virtualization of servers. I was onboard with VMware from the very beginning. I would infect VM’s with viruses to understand how they worked, and back then, some viruses were built in pure machine code, black magic voodoo. I digress. I couldn’t get anyone to virtualize their networks. Same kinda’ response.

I hope you find the commentary and technology blogs here useful and maybe even a solution to a problem or two. If you have one of those problems that sems to have no solution, maybe we can help.

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