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I like to use a lot of different page builders and themes for WordPress. Blocksy is one of my new favorites. It has a header and footer block called “Socials”, and although it has almost every social icon from popular social media, it is missing some. Fortunantly they gave us an add_filter option to add our own social media icons to the Socials block.

One of my very good friends needed an updated site for his construction company and needed the Houzz icon for the header and footer, so I grabbed the Houzz media tools, created an SVG file in Adobe Illustrator, and optimized it for this purpose. It’s a very simple svg file.

Link to the Creative Themes – Blocksy example: Add a custom social network

Blocksy add_filter Houzz Code


Place this in your functions.php file of the Blocksy theme or use a code insertion plugin to load it.

I’ve also noticed this code display plugin is not able to keep WordPress from changing the single apostrophe to right single quotes. Looks like it’s WordPress that is doing it. You will have to change them before you impliment this. Visual Studio Code is a good tool for this. Use CTRL + H to replace them all at once, then copy and paste it into your functions.php or plugin. BTW, the WordPress block for code does the same thing.

Here’s a copy of the filter for WordPress Blocksy theme

// -[ Houzz Icon for Blocksy Socials ]-
// - Houzz Pro Blue = #0066c3
add_filter('blocksy:social-box:dynamic-social-networks', function ($networks) {
  $networks[] = [
    'id' => 'houzz',
    'name' => __('Houzz', 'blocksy'),
    'icon' => ' <svg
      viewBox="0 0 54 60">
      <polygon points="34 60 54 60 54 25.5 14 14 14 0 0 0 0 60 20 60 20 40 34 40 34 60"/>

  return $networks;
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