A Half Million Recorded Page Views

A Half Million Recorded Page Views

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Technoogies was first online in 2008 but had a period of time when I didn’t have the means to run it and I had some physical issues that made it a rough time. In all, Technoogies has been online for a total of 9 years and was offline for 4 years at the time of this post. To all of the visitors and those that have shared the Noogies, Thank you!

Search engines have mostly treated me well during that time. It’s always difficult to know what will get your pages a top ranking. One thing I’ve learned about SEO over the years, don’t try so hard. Just make sure your meta is in place correctly and make sure your title is about the content. The older your domain, the better your chances are to rank. But one of the biggest factors today is page speed. And now for a shameless affiliate plug. If you are on WordPress there isn’t a faster, better host than Rocket.net, and I can say that very confidently.

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