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OneDrive "There's No Network Connection" ♦
OneDrive "There's no network connection" on mobile app

OneDrive “There’s no network connection”

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The Error:

While adding my OneDrive business account back into my Android phone app I received this error. “There’s no network connection, Make sure you’re connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile network and try again.”

Read This First

2. The first thing to try is a power cycle; Power the device off completely and turn it back on, or at least a restart. If that didn’t fix it then read this post.

I got to this after removing both my personal and business OneDrive accounts, then removing and reinstalling the app. The personal account was added without incident but the business one would not. I also knew it had a network connection because every other app was able to access the internet. One other problem it had that pointed me to a work around was that I couldn’t submit an error report.

The Workaround:

Disable Wi-Fi and use the mobile network only. Usually from the top or bottom of the mobile screen, by swiping downward or upward, it will open quick access to some of your major settings. Typically by tapping on the Wi-Fi icon it will disable the Wi-Fi. I was able to add the account and submit an error report to Microsoft.

Alternative Suggestion

Try connecting through a VPN. You could also try a mobile network and the VPN together.
Hat Tip: One of our readers

As an aside, has anyone noticed an effort by Microsoft lately to actually support their products for a change? It’s freakishly weird.

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