Is Bing a Thing or Just a Bing-a-ling?

Is Bing a Thing or Just a Bing-a-ling?

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“Oh, my Bing-a-ling, my Bing-a-ling, I want to play with my Bing-a-ling.
Silver bytes in a data stream, I want to play with my Bing-a-ling-a-ling.”

Hat Tip – Chuck Berry

This is my mocking-rant on how bad is Bing and it’s offspring.


  • Bing sucks!
  • Yahoo sucks!
  • DuckDuckGo sucks!
  • Google is Evil!

Not too long ago I published an article on how to remove database and file viruses from WordPress. In that article I included a recognizable string from the virus so that people could recognize if they had it in their database or website. Not the complete string mind you, just a little piece of it. As a result of my article, Bing decided I had a virus in this website and cut off any searches to this site. I typically don’t look at any information on Bing’s web admin interface because it is a waste of time. In other words, the traffic is so insignificant from Bing That it has a high opportunity cost, wherein your time is better utilized doing something else. But Bing sent me an e-mail (about 2 months later) telling me I was a bad boy, so I investigated the issue and quickly realized they had a false positive. I pointed out to them that they had a false positive and there were no viruses on my site. They completely ignored my claim and still insisted that I did. I don’t think they even looked at it, the site that is, and simply relied on what their scans were telling them even though they were incorrect.

Long story short, this went on for nearly three months when I finally concluded I was wasting my time trying to communicate with a bunch of morons, and on top of that, Bing is an entire waste of time no matter what. I then did the wise thing, I deleted my Bing Webmaster account, and now I don’t miss a Bing (Pun).

Even now, because I just tested it, nine times out of nine I do not get usable results from Bing. Harsh, I know.

Now you may have asked yourself at some point, “Should I use Bing or Google?” Not a tuff question. Bing is very useless at finding any resembelance of your search criteria, Google isn’t much better and getting worse. I confess though, I use Google more, but I’m trying a few others I’ve found. Read on!

Well, why not Yahoo then?

Oh, btw, Yahoo is Bing; Just in case you were not sure and thought Yahoo was a thing and not a Bing-a-ling.

But there’s DuckDuckGo

Yeah, another Bing-a-ling. Here’s your evidence.

When you discover that DuckDuckGo merely repackages Bing/Yahoo search results, it loses some of its luster. They do not acknowledge nor deny this. But why use Bing-a-ling? Is it too difficult and costly to create a search engine? They say they have their own bots, but when you compare Bing and DuckDuckGo side by side, they are eerily similar. Bing obviously removes many of the YouTube links, I guess because they think the have a video streaming thing still (Wannabes). Regardless, when you eliminate the YouTube links, at least 90% of the links matchup between the two.

Don’t believe me? Search for in each search engine, compare the two, and see if anything from this website pops up. Now try “” with the quotes and compare. Now try both in and see how radically different the search results are for both options, with and without quotes. Take note that Technoogies comes up nowhere in CluckCluckHo. Absolute proof they are actually Bing-a-ling and do not have their own bot . . . of any kind. It is evidently true because is banned by Bing-a-ling. My best guess is that they rebrand Bing-bots as DuckDuckGo bots in name only, but the tech belongs to Microsoft; Pretending to be a thing-a-ling . . . See, we have bots . . . Not.

Hey CluckCluckHo, I say you are liars. What say you? Go ahead, defend yourselves, if you can.

At one time I was partially drawn to switching from Google to DuckDuckGo because I thought I would be using a new search engine with privacy built in, not an existing one with a privacy exploit. Although DuckDuckGo may not gather personable data, so they say, but they do collect the data, just not the IP or User Agent. How noble.

Here’s a good quote from DuckDuckGo, “At DuckDuckGo, no cookies are used by default.”, but if you use their !Bang syntax then they do. In fairness, you can turn it off here, DuckDuckGo settings.

At the bottom of DuckDuckGo’s privacy page, we find a link to an alternative search engine,, which forwards to . The search for on Startpage looks eerily similar to the results on Google. Sheesh!

Remember when you could easily find anything you were looking for with Google on the first page? So long ago. Google manipulates your searches, so you see what they want you to see, not what you want to see. They are a political machine now, an arm of the Government, and not the one that supports freedom. Laughably Google’s motto was at one time “Don’t Be Evil” and they have become the epitome of evil. Their data collection practices are anything but transparent. Remember the Wi-Fi spying operation? Nobody knows more about you than Google. Once they worked in cahoots with the NSA, now they make the NSA look like a bunch of pussies. These days they simply manipulate your world view, 99% of you haven’t got a clue. We salute you comrades.


  • Brave Search = Bing-a-ling (Not so “Brave” after all, considering Bing is the King of censorship)
  • = Bing-a-ling
  • = Bing-a-ling
  • = Bing-a-ling puts together a good comparison between DuckDuckGo and Bing, but even they tell you the same stuff I just put forth here, plus some.

I just sent a request to DuckDuckGo to add into their search, including a !Bang inclusion, a good test to see if they aren’t as beholden to Bing as I think they are. If you hold your breath on this, you’ll die.

Is there really anyone else out there? Are we forever stuck with only two search engine options? It appears to be mostly so. Sorry! There are a few that look to be independent. has unique results.

If your desperate for a possible correct search result, then is an alternative option. Yandex is a Russian search engine and beholden to the Kremlin, but actually produces good results. Kinda’ ticks me off that American search engines suck so bad that a Russian alternative is viable.

Baidu has unique results, like no other. Hope you can read Chinese though and don’t mind full censorship.

There is another new kid though, GROOT. New to me anyhow and with unique results in search. Time will tell, but I’m going to start using GROOT more, and see if they are a contender.

Well, I’ve probably sparked some outrage among a few true believers, the honest will do a head nod in agreement. If you run a small business though, you have to pay the Google extortion fees to be in business. It’s just how things are now, so be wise. What more can be said?

Email from Groot (

“From our blog page:

“…Please Take Note: Our search engine Groot is derived from Google’s “Search Engine”, and that the results are based upon our own algorithms and control parameters, so there is no existing bias, censorship, or manipulation from Google. We also do not have any tracking or data collection present, unlike Google itself and all the other search engines out there…”I hope this explains the results from our search engine. We do not support or implement any censorship or any bias in our search results. So the results are complete and relevant to your search query.”

I should ask if this is pre or post Google algorithm, but I think it would have to be post Google algorithm.

So I asked, they say it is pre-algorithm data that is returned in their search.


For now, if I want a broad range technical search then Google is my first choice. If I want an unbiased search then I use and sometimes use GROOT.
Bing is DEAD to me! Bwah-ha-ha

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